Immunotherapies & Innovations for Infectious Diseases Congress 2023

November 22-23 2023 Lyon, France


Day 1

Wednesday, 23th November 2022


Registration & welcome coffee


Welcome Address


Opening keynote

Harnessing mRNA’s Power: going from one success today to tomorrow full potential
Sanofi Régis Gervier

Régis Gervier
Global Head of mRNA Center of Excellence
Sanofi, France


Coffee Break - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings


Track 1 : Alternative to antibiotics and current antivirals

Session 1

Regulatory hurdles while developing a phage cocktail for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Europe
TechnoPhage Sofia Côrte Real

Sofia Côrte Real
Scientific advisor
TechnoPhage - Portugal

Immune modulation of microbiome:host interactions in acne vulgaris
ORIGIMM Biotechnology Sanja Selak

Sanja Selak
Managing director and CSO
ORIGIMM Biotechnology - Austria

Scalable antibiotic discovery through synthetic biology
INSERM Vincent Libis

Vincent Libis
Research Group Leader
INSERM - France

Track 2 : New advancements in Immunotherapies

Session 1

Antipseudomonal monoclonals
APHP Jean Chastre

Jean Chastre
APHP - France

Leveraging continuous manufacturing to expand global access to biotherapeutics
Evotec Christelle Dagoneau

Christelle Dagoneau
Senior Vice Presidente, Global Business Development
Just-Evotec Biologics, France

Monoclonal antibodies as immunization: innovation in RSV for all infant protection
Sanofi Kocfa Chung

Kocfa Chung
Global Medical Expert, Strategy Lead RSV Global Medical Franchise
Sanofi, France


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Poster Presentation - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings 3 slots


Track 3: Fostering infectious diseases public-private initiatives

Session 1

A new agency: ANRS-MIE, Moving to Emerging Infectious diseases.
ANRS Hervé Raoul

Hervé Raoul
Directeur adjoint
ANRS - France

HUB VPH : an international hub devoted to veterinary public health
Bioaster Régis Villet

Régis Villet
Strategic Partnership Manager
Bioaster, France

Track 2 : New advancements in Immunotherapies

Session 2

Hospices Civils de Lyon Anne-Claire Lukaszewicz

Anne-Claire Lukaszewicz
Head of Department
Hospices Civils de Lyon - France

Aridis Pharmaceuticals Hasan Jafri

Hasan Jafri
Chief Medical Officer
Aridis Pharmaceuticals - USA


Track 1 : Alternative to antibiotics and current antivirals

Session 2

Dynamic Computational Models of Bacteria: From Target-Identification to Drugs
Oppilotech Ed Siegwart

Ed Siegwart
Director of Microbiology
Oppilotech, United Kingdom

Machine learning for antibiotic discovery against Acinetobacter baumannii
Stokes Laboratory Jon Stokes

Jon Stokes
Assistant Professor
Stokes Laboratory / McMaster University - Canada

Breakthrough innovation

Session 1

Respiratory Syndrome: Multiplex PCR test for viral straightforward characterization and monitoring of pandemic risks
AXO Science Laëtitia Villiers

Laëtitia Villiers
R&D project manager
AXO Science, France

Effective in vivo protection of the broad neutralizing antibody 10-1074 against mucosal cell-associated SHIV infection in non-human primates
CEA Mariangela Cavarelli

Mariangela Cavarelli
CEA, France


Coffe Break - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings 3 slots


Track 1 : Alternative to antibiotics and current antivirals

Session 3

The central role of diagnostics in personalized phage therapy and our rapid automated phagogram
Vésale Bioscience Bob Blasdel

Bob Blasdel
Research Director
Vésale Bioscience – Belgique

Alternative approach to discover small molecule antibiotics
Evotec Sébastien Coyne

Sébastien Coyne
Project and Team Leader in Bacteriology Omics Platform
Evotec, France

Generation of functional monoclonal antibodies by different platforms for antivirus research and immunotherapy
Sino Biological Yu-Chih Lin

Yu-Chih Lin
Technical Specialist
Sino Biological, Germany

New psVLP neutralization assay using bioluminescence: Proof of Concept on SARS-CoV-2
Promega Florian Mignot

Florian Mignot
Cell -based assays specialist
Promega, France

Multi-modal immune profiling at single cell resolution
10x Genomics Koen De Gelas

Koen De Gelas
Science and Technology Advisor
10x Genomics, USA

Breakthrough innovation

Session 2

Multi-omics longitudinal analysis as a new deep characterization tool for bacterial fermentation optimization
Bioaster Charlotte Mignon

Charlotte Mignon
Research Scientist
Bioaster, France

Validation of a model of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the Syrian golden hamster
Voxcan Marianne Figl

Marianne Figl
Study Director
Voxcan, France

Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus replicative dynamics monitoring under antibiotics challenges: highlighting persisters
Evotec Florian C. Marro

Florian C. Marro
PhD Student
Evotec ID, France

Microalgae Extracellular Vesicles: an effective delivery system for human therapeutics and vaccines
AGS Therapeutics Manuel Vega

Manuel Vega
AGS Therapeutics, France


End of Day 1


Cocktail Diner at Musée des Confluences (booking mandatory)

Day 2

Thursday, 24th November 2022


Welcome coffee



GSK Fabio Bagnoli

Fabio Bagnoli
Senior Scientific Director
GlaxoSmithKline, Italy

A bird’s eye view of SARS-CoV2 vaccines: from vaccine immunology to vaccine effectiveness
BioNTech Robbert Van Der Most

Robbert Van Der Most
Vice President Translational Science
BioNTech, Germany


Coffe Break - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings


Track 4 : Innovative vaccines

Session 1

Long-lasting effects of vaccination on innate myeloid cells
Inserm Anne-Sophie Beignon

Anne-Sophie Beignon
Inserm, CEA, IMVA-HB/IDMIT - France

A nasal vaccine to end the COVID-19 pandemic?
LoValTech Isabelle Dimier-Poisson

Isabelle Dimier-Poisson
LoValTech - France

LoValTech Patrick Barillot

Patrick Barillot
LoValTech - France

Transboundary and Emerging Diseases: Getting ready
Boehringer Ingelheim Jeroen Kortekaas

Jeroen Kortekaas
Scientific Director, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
Boehringer Ingelheim, France

Immunotherapies for infectious diseases
Immunethep Pedro Madureira

Pedro Madureira
Co-founder and CSO
Immunethep, Portugal

Ensuring clinical availability of vaccine delivery systems, immunostimulators and combined adjuvant systems beyond COVID-19.
Croda Dennis Christensen

Dennis Christensen
Head of Global Research and Development, Adjuvant Systems
Croda Pharma, Danmark

Track 5 : Diagnostic, prognostic and clinical biomarkers

Session 1

Targeting TREM-1 to Manage Lifethreatening Immune Disorders Caused by Severe Infections - Application in Septic Shock and COVID-19
Inotrem Margarita Salcedo Magguilli

Margarita Salcedo Magguilli
Chief Development Officer
Inotrem, France

Sepsis-associated immunosuppression: diagnostic issues
bioMérieux Louis Kreitmann

Louis Kreitmann
bioMérieux, France

Breakthrough innovation

Session 3

Identification of a neutralizing antibody targeting, vaccinia virus, variola virus and the current strain of pandemic monkeypoxvirus
IRBA, Ministère des Armées Arnaud Avril

Arnaud Avril
Deputy director of the Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department
IRBA, Ministère des Armées, France

SEPSI-SCORE : Presentation of a Sepsis risk prediction AI solution
PREVIA MEDICAL Quentin François

Quentin François

System’s biology acting alternatives to antibiotics and current antivirals obtained by Artificial Intelligence, naturally
Alphanosos Pascal Mayer

Pascal Mayer
Alphanosos, France


Lunch - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings 2 slots


Poster Presentation - Exhibition Hall - B2B Meetings 3 slots


Track 3: Fostering infectious diseases public-private initiatives

Session 2

Fostering infectious diseases public private initiative in the field of antimicrobial resistance
bioMérieux François Lacoste

François Lacoste
Executive Vice President, Research & Development
bioMérieux, France
Comité stratégique de filière (CSF) Antibiorésistance - France

Advances of the National Acceleration Strategy for Emerging Infectious Diseases and CBRN threats – France 2030
National Acceleration Strategy Emerging Infectious Diseases and CBRN Threats Nadia Khelef

Nadia Khelef
National Acceleration Strategy Emerging Infectious Diseases and CBRN Threats - France

What pull incentives adapted to SMEs to restore the business model of antibiotics
BEAM Alliance & CEO - Aurobac Therapeutics Florence Séjourné

Florence Séjourné
Founder and Board Member
BEAM Alliance & CEO - Aurobac Therapeutics – France


Track 4 : Innovative vaccines

Session 2

MOPEVAC, a vaccine plaform against all pathogenic Arenaviruses
Pasteur Institute Sylvain Baize

Sylvain Baize
Pasteur Institute - France

Protective secretory IgA response by repertoire amplification
MV BioTherapeutics Fabio Grassi

Fabio Grassi
MV BioTherapeutics, Switzerland

Engineering Bioconjugation Platform for Vaccines Development
London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine title= Sherif Abouelhadid

Sherif Abouelhadid
Head at Biological and Pharmacological Pillar at Antimicrobial Resistance Centre
London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom


Best Poster - Annoucemment of next year edition


End of congress