Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases Congress 2017

December 11 - 12 LYON - Congress Center

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Day 1

Monday 11 December 2017


Registration & welcome coffee


Welcome address


Keynote Lecture

Markus Maeurer

Markus Maeurer, MD PhD FRCP
Professor of Clinical Immunology, Head of the Division Therapeutic Immunology at LabMed, KarolinskaInstitutet and Senior Physician at the Center for allogeneic stem cell transplantation, CAST.
Karolinska Institutet & Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Can HDTs (host directed therapies) change the clinical outcome for patients with infections ?


Plenary session 1 : Immunotherapies against viral infections

Overview on mAbs for HIV, RSV, HBV, CMV

Hugo Mouquet

Hugo Mouquet
Head of Lab, Humoral Response to Pathogens Lab & INSERM U1222
Pasteur Institute, France
Decoding Human B-cell Responses to Viruses: Learning from Monoclonal Antibodies

Pascal Poignard

Pascal Poignard, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Virology
Institut de Biologie et Pathologie
Département des Agents Infectieux
CHU Grenoble Alpes
Group leader
Institut de Biologie Structurale
CEA-CNRS-Université Grenoble Alpes
Adjunct Professor
Department of Immunology and Microbial Science
The Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, Californie

HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies


Coffee break & Poster Session at Exhibition Hall | Partnering (B2B meetings)


Plenary session 1 (2nd part) : Immunotherapies against viral infections

Overview on mAbs for HIV, RSV, HBV, CMV

Geneviève Inchauspé

Geneviève Inchauspé
Senior Director, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases
Transgene, France
Therapeutic vaccination in chronic infectious diseases: the place of vectored vaccines

JoAnn Suzich

JoAnn Suzich
VP of Infectious Disease and Vaccines Research
MedImmune, USA
A vaccine surrogate for the prevention of RSV disease


Lunch break & Poster Session at Exhibition Hall | Partnering (B2B meetings)


Plenary session 2 : Immunotherapies as alternative treatment to antibiotics

New approaches to fight against S.aureus, P. aeruginosa, E.coli…

Bruno François

Bruno François
Specialist in Intensive Care medicine and Anesthesiology
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Limoges, France
Antibody-based therapy against Staphylococcus aureus infections

Hasan Jafri

Hasan Jafri
Senior Director, Clinical Research and Development, Infectious Disease & Vaccines
MedImmune, USA
Pre-emptive approach to fighting serious Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in high-risk patients

Eszter Nagy

Eszter Nagy
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Arsanis, Austria
Monoclonal antibody therapeutics to fight MDR Gram negative pathogens


Coffee break & Poster Session at Exhibition Hall | Partnering (B2B meetings)


Pitch Session
Scientific and technological innovation in diagnostics and immunotherapies for infectious diseases

Pitch # 1

Astrid Musnier – MabSilico SAS

In silico methods for antibody discovery and characterization

Pitch # 2

Camille Robert - CNRS- Univ. Toulouse

Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of an anti-inflammatory mannodendrimer in a mouse model of Francisella tularensis infection

Pitch # 3

Chloé Jacquet - UMR Inserm 1092

Potential of anti-CMV immunoglobulins in transplant patients refractory to anti-CMV antiviral treatment

Pitch # 4

Floriane Fusil - Inserm – CIRI

Antibody-based gene therapy creates humoral immune memory

Pitch # 5

Jean-Jacques Mention - AXENIS

Humanized Mouse Models for innovative medicine

Pitch # 6

Marc Vandamme – VOXCAN

A relevant Influenza A H1N1 pulmonary infection murine model allowing an in-vivo infection readout follow-up by bioluminescent imaging and a treatment efficacy evaluation

Pitch # 7

Michaël Verset - CYNBIOSE

Preclinical development of immunotherapies for infectious diseases : relevance of the Non-Human Primate

Pitch # 8

Mireia Pelegrin - IGMM UMR5535 CNRS

Key immunomodulatory role of neutrophils in the induction of protective immunity by antiviral monoclonal antibodies

Pitch # 9

Oxana Vratskikh - Institut Pasteur

Diversity of the human memory B-cell antibody response to Chikungunya virus

Pitch # 10

Paul Kauffmann - MAGIA-Diagnostics

Your ELISA goes Point of Care

Pitch # 11

Simon Hayek - Univ. Paris Descartes

Identification of chemical modulators of Natural Killer (NK) cell activity with an innovative highthroughput cytotoxicity assay


End of day one


Gala Evening – Cocktail Diner Cruise

Day 2

Tuesday 12 December 2017


Welcome coffee


Keynote Lecture

Jean-Christophe Audonnet

Jean-Christophe Audonnet
Senior Director, Merial Regional R&D Asia & EU Innovation Partnerships
Boehringer Ingelheim, France
How to deliver new vaccines and therapeutic antibodies under very short timelines : the ZAPI project


Plenary session 3 : Immunotherapies against emergent or re-emergent and bioterrorism agents

Immunotherapies developed against Ebola, hemorrhagic fevers, Zika…

Bertrand Lépine

Bertrand Lépine
Fab'Entech, France
Lessons learned from the development of an Ebola immunotherapy

Jonathan Abraham

Jonathan Abraham
Member of the Faculty, Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology
Harvard Medical School, USA
Neutralization of New World hemorrhagic fevers arenaviruses by receptor-binding site targeting antibodies


Coffee break & Poster Session at Exhibition Hall | Partnering (B2B meetings)


Plenary session 3 (2nd part) : Immunotherapies against emergent or re-emergent and bioterrorism agents

Immunotherapies developed against Ebola, hemorrhagic fevers, Zika…

Davide Corti

Davide Corti
Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President
Humabs, Switzerland
Passive antibody therapies against endemic, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

Berend Jan Bosch

Berend Jan Bosch
Assistant Professor
Utrecht University - The Netherlands
Antigenic structure of the MERS-coronavirus spike protein characterized by monoclonal antibodies

Marie Mandron

Marie Mandron
Anti CHIKV mAb Project Leader
Sanofi, France
Recombinant Fully-Human mAbs for the treatment of Chikungunya Virus Disease


Lunch break & Poster Session at Exhibition Hall | Partnering (B2B meetings)


Plenary Session 4 : Next generation immunotherapies against infectious diseases

Alternative mAb formats and host-directed immunotherapies

Hakan Wennbo

Hakan Wennbo MD, PhD
Business Unit head RSV, and Global project leader
Ablynx, Belgium
Nanobodies in treatment of RSV infection

Arne Skerra

Arne Skerra
Full Professor and Chair of Biological Chemistry
Technical University of Munich, Germany
Anticalins as a novel class of clinical stage alternative immunotherapies: from oncology to infectious diseases

Pierre-Olivier Vidalain

Pierre-Olivier Vidalain
Research Director, CNRS
Paris Descartes University, France
Looking for modulators of the innate immune response: a chemo-biological approach


Cross-talk : Challenges for access to immunotherapies in emerging countries.

Marc Bonneville

Marc Bonneville
Scientific & Medical Affairs Director
Institut Mérieux, France

Martin Friede

Martin Friede
Coordinator of Initiative for Vaccine Research
WHO, Switzerland

Sébastien Quesney

Sébastien Quesney
Director Access to Diagnosis/Neglected Diseases
Fondation Mérieux, France

Stéphane Debuire

Stéphane Debuire
Head of Commercial Operations, Access to Medicines
Sanofi, France

Menzo Havenga

Menzo Havenga
Chief Executive Officer
Batavia Biosciences, The Netherlands

Partnering (B2B) / Poster Session


Closing remarks


End of Congress

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