November 27-28 2024

Lyon, France

Program 2023


Wednesday, November 22nd 2023


Registration & Welcome coffee


Welcome Address


Opening lectures

- Lima & Mexico room

Chaired by Daniel Larocque, Sanofi

CEPI's approach to vaccine libraries and rapid response platforms - an integral part to its 100 Days Mission

Martina Ochs

Project Leader

CEPI, Norway

Title to be defined

Sofonias Kifle Tessema

Program lead for pathogen genomics

Africa CDC, Ethiopia

Trained immunity: from pathophysiology to therapeutic target

Mihai Netea

Head of the division of Experimental Medicine

Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands


France2030 initiatives

- Lima & Mexico room

Accelerating innovation in the field of emerging diseases: the “Biocluster Français pour l'Innovation en Infectiologie (BCF2I)” project

Bruno Lina

Head of Department

Laboratoire de Virologie, Centre national de référence virus des infections respiratoires
& Centre national de référence entérovirus et parechovirus, France

Developing innovative therapies to cure hepatitis B virus infections: from basic science to clinical applications

Fabien Zoulim

Head of the Hepatology Department

Hospices Civils de Lyon & Head of the Viral Hepatitis Research Laboratory - INSERM Unit 1052 - France


Lunch - Poster presentation - B2B - Exhibition Hall


Track 1: Alternatives to current antibiotics

- Lima & Mexico room

Chaired by Sébastien Coyne, Aurobac Therapeutics and Ana Antunes, MabDesign

Challenges of phage therapy in 2023: shared insights from key French private and public players

Frédéric Laurent

Co-principal investigator

Hospices Civils de Lyon,
Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie Inserm U1111-UMR CNRS 5308,
ISPB Lyon - Université Lyon 1, France

Cindy Fèvre

Scientific director

Phaxiam, France

In situ targeted mutagenesis of gut bacteria

David Bikard

Head of lab

Pasteur Institute, France


Eligo Bioscience - France

Incentivizing Novelty in Antibiotic Development

Gosia Majewska

Health and industrial organization economist

ESSEC Business School, France

ENABLE-2: A European Antibacterial Drug Discovery Platform

Anders Karlén

Project coordinator


Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Uppsala University, Sweden

PanHunter - an all-in-one omics data analysis platform

Erik Schliep

Product Manager

Evotec, France


Coffee break - B2B - Exhibition Hall - Poster presentation


Track 2: Immunotherapies

- Lima room

Chaired by Geneviève Inchauspé, Transgene

Transcriptional signatures reveal the immune response underlying progression and pathogenesis in tuberculosis

Anne O'Garra

Principal Group Leader

Francis Crick Institute, UK

Monoclonal antibodies for prolonged Covid-19 protection in immunocompromised individuals

Cécile Artaud

Therapeutic Area Medical Lead

AstraZeneca, France

Life saving stem cell therapy for septic shock and ARDS

Julie Hutin

Co Founder and CEO

StemInov, France

Securing the supply chain for vaccine adjuvants in the future

Dennis Christensen

Head of Global R&D

Croda, Danmark

Promega: A Partner for Multidisciplinary Infectious Disease Research and Development

Aymeric Morlé

Custom/OEM specialist


Accelerating drug discovery using advanced protein and an-tibody development platforms

Yu-Chih Lin

Technical Specialist

Sino Biological, Germany



- Mexico room

Translational in vivo imaging for anti-infectious diseases treatment and diagnosis follow up by PASREL-Imagerie

Ali Aït-Ikhlef

Business Development Manager


Benoît Delache

R&D engineer in animal experimentation


Julien Lemaitre

Clinical veterinarian and Immunologist



Breakthrough Innovation session

- Mexico room

Chaired by Mélanie Denizot, Lyonbiopôle

System serology approach on COVID-19 patients' sera reveal specific immune pattern in the heterogeneous population: The COVIDAuRA study

Carla Saade

Phd student

Hospices Civils de Lyon and Centre International de Recherche, France

Fully automated workflow for cytometry data analysis: Evaluating the effects of adjuvant candidates on memory B and T cells in a phase I clinical trial.

Julien Nourikyan

Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Altrabio, France

Limitations of threshold-based decisions in Disease X vaccine clinical trials

Julien Flaig

Epidemiological and health economic simulation modeling

Epimod, France


Poster presentation - Exhibition Hall - Wine & Cheese


Thursday, November 23nd 2023


Welcome coffee


Keynote lectures

- Lima & Mexico room

Chaired by Daniel Larocque, Sanofi

Opportunities and Challenges of AI for Infectious Disease Vaccines and Therapeutics

Saranya Sridhar

Global Head of Clinical Franchise for the mRNA Center and Head of Translational Medicine

Sanofi, United Kingdom


Coffee break - B2B - Exhibition Hall - Poster presentation


Track 3: Diagnostic, prognostic and clinical biomarkers

- Lima room

Chaired by Jean François Llitjos, bioMérieux

Biomarkers and AI to develop personalised medicine in sepsis.

Anthony Gordon

Chair in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, NIHR Research Professor & Senior Investigator

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Endocan, a novel biomarker for pneumonia

Philippe Lassale


Biothelis, France

Advancing anti-viral and vaccine research with Revvity's fluorescent assays

Mathis Laffenetre

LifeScience Product Leader

Revvity, France

A unique solution for antigens that cannot be detected with classical ELISA in medical diagnostic applications: example for inclusion in clinical trial on long COVID.

Hervé Perron

Chief Scientific Officer

GeNeuro SA, Switzerland


Roundtable: EU and international initiatives supporting the value chain of countermeasures against infectious diseases from research to access

- Mexico room

Animated by Nadia Khelef, National Acceleration Strategy Emerging Infectious Diseases and CBRN Threats

Marta Tufet Bayona

Head of Policy

GAVI, Switzerland

Anh Wartel

Deputy Director General / Head

IVI Europe Regional Office (IERO) - Sweden

Bangin Brim

Policy Officer Health Threats

European Commission - European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), Belgium

Tek-Ang Lim

Scientific officer

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) - Belgium


Lunch - Poster presentation - B2B - Exhibition Hall


Track 3: Diagnostic, prognostic and clinical biomarkers

- Lima room

Chaired by Cyril Guyard, Bioaster

Identification by proteomics of infection markers in the skin: application to a direct diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

Nathalie Boulanger

Medical entomologist & Research group leader

Université de Strasbourg, France

Strategic Partnerships to Address Diagnostic Unmet Needs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Philippe Leissner

Head of R&D Diagnostic Programme


Immune profiling of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in immunocompromised patients

Arnaud Didierlaurent

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Breakthrough Innovation session

- Mexico room

Chaired by Fabienne Venet, Hospices Civils de Lyon and Mélanie Denizot, Lyonbiopôle

GlycoFlu, a first-in-class synthetic multivalent sialoside compound with antiviral activity to prevent or treat infections by Influenza viruses

Aurélie Juhem

Chief Executive Officer

AIS biotech, France

Neutralizing and Enhancing Monoclonal Antibodies in SARS-CoV-2 Convalescent Patients: Lessons from Early Variant Infection and Impact on Shaping Emerging Variants

Frédéric Coutant

Associate Professor in Immunology

Hospices Civils of Lyon, France

Inhalable Nanofitin as new therapeutic for direct application in respiratory tract

Sébastien Viollet


Affilogic, France

New rapid detection of beta-lactamase producing bacteria using fluorogenic probes

Didier Filopon

R&D projects manager

Molsid, France

Recombinant multimeric spike proteins: A promising vaccine against COVID-19

Marianne Figl

Study Director

Voxcan, France


Coffee break - B2B - Exhibition Hall - Poster presentation


Track 4: Innovative vaccines

- Lima & Mexico room

Chaired by Sherif Abouelhadid, London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Lionel Cupillard, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Evaluation of vaccination strategies against avian influenza in poultry production networks: comparison of the EVACS tool application in several countries

Claire Hautefeuille

Veterinary & epidemiologist

CIRAD/ UMR Astre, France

Current strategic approaches in the evaluation of vaccines as complementary tools for prevention and control of HPAI

Teshome Mebatsion

Executive Director, Viral Disease Research

Boehringer Ingelheim Santé Animale, France

Multivalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines: trade-offs of an arms race

Anthony Scott


LSHTM, London

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kenya

Recent advancements in the glycoconjugate vaccines field

Francesco Berti

Senior Director

GSK Vaccines, Italy

Clinical update of OVX836, a novel Universal Type A influenza vaccine candidate

Florence Nicolas

Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder

Osivax, France


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End of the Congress